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quantitative comparison questions.—1st ed. p. cm.—(Skill builder in focus). ISBN (pbk.) 1. Mathematics—Examinations, questions, etc. 2.
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The official practice tests from the maker of the test gives you the experience of taking the real, computer-delivered GRE General Test and more! ETS Account. Quantitative Comparison Questions. Introduction Sample Questions.

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Become familiar with the answer choices. Quantitative Comparison questions always have the same answer choices, so get to know them, especially the last choice, "The relationship cannot be determined from the information given. And if you are unfa-miliar with prime numbers, use a list of them so you wont waste time tryingto factor numbers that cant be factored.

Dont forget to keep lots of scrappaper on hand for working out complex problems.

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Because this book is designed for many levels of test takers, you may ndthat some of the more advanced questions are beyond your ability. If youare using this book to study for the PSAT assessment or SAT exam, thereis a chance that you may get a few of the toughest questions wrong. If you are getting most of the questions correct, you are probably ingood shape for your test. However, if you are studying for the GRE test, thefull range of questions presented is appropriate for your level.

The questions in this book can help you prepare for your test in manyways. First, completing these practice exercises will make you familiar withthe question format. Quantitative comparisons usually involve less reading,take less time to answer, and require less computation than regular 5-choicequestions.

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Remember, there are only four choices from which to select thecorrect answer: A, B, C, and D. If the quantity in column A is larger, youwill select the letter A on your answer grid. If column B contains the greaterquantity, then you will select B. Select the answer C if the two quantities areequal, and the letter D if you cannot determine which is larger from thechoices and information given. When you take the test, be careful not tomark an E on the answer sheet because it is never the correct choice. Second, quantitative comparison practice will get you thinking of valuesin terms of equalities, inequalities, and estimation.

Likewise, you will getaccustomed to knowing how to logically assess whether or not you haveenough information in the question to assign value. However, it is notalways necessary to nd the exact value of the two quantities, and often, itis important not to waste time doing so. Remember, you have a limitedamount of time to arrive at correct answers, so it is important to use esti-mating, rounding, and the elimination of irrelevant information to deter-mine the relationship between the information in Column A and theinformation in Column B.

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Third, in the test-taking environment, it can be difcult to switch gearsfrom regular math questions to quantitative comparisons; completing theexercises in this book will make these mental gymnastics more comfortableas you grow familiar with the question format. Also, your performance onthese questions will help you assess your overall math skill level. Because thequantitative comparison questions assess a wide variety of math topics, theseexercises will help you pinpoint the areas of math for which you need fur-ther study.

Finally, each question is fully explained at the end of each chapter. Theanswer keys give you not only the right answer, but also an explanation ofwhy the answer is correct. In other words, for every problem, there is acomplete explanation of the solution.

If you nd yourself getting stuck solv-ing a problem, you can look at the answer explanation and use it as a per-sonal tutor. You have already taken an important step toward improving your mathskills and your score. You have shown your commitment by purchasing thisbook.

Now all you need to do is to complete each exercise, study the answerexplanations, and watch your math skills increase. You can even work in pen-cil and do the exercises again to reinforce what you have learned. Good luck! Not exactly.

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It is not always necessary to nd the exact value of the twoquantities, and often, it is important not to waste time doing so. Use esti-mating, rounding, and the elimination of excess information to deter-mine the relationship and avoid wasting time. Look alikes. Attempt to make the two columns look as similar as possi-ble. For example, make sure all units are equal. This is also true if one ofthe answer choices is a fraction or a decimal.

Mathematics: Learning Express Mathematics Review eBook Collection

If this is the case, then makethe other answer into an improper fraction or a decimal, in order to makethe choices look the most similar. Its not necessarily nice to share. Eliminate any information thecolumns share. This will leave you with an easier comparison. That leaves you to decide which isgreater, 5 or 3.

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