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Seattle, Washington. Austin, Texas. San Francisco, California. New York, New York.

Los Angeles, California. Chicago, Illinois. Atlanta, Georgia. Employees with Campaign Manager in their job title in Seattle, Washington earn an average of These job titles also find higher than average salaries in Austin, Texas The lowest salaries can be found in Atlanta, Georgia 2. Years of Experience This data is based on 1, survey responses. Entry Level. Operations Manager. Marketing Manager.

Meet the Major Candidates Running for President in 2020

Administrative Assistant. Marketing Coordinator. Office Manager. Marketing Director.

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Executive Assistant. Data Analyst. Mechanical Engineer. Use the links below to learn more about each career stage. Late Career. Mid Career. Early Career. Below are the most popular skills and their effect on salary. Strategic Marketing. Email Marketing. Marketing Management.

Online Marketing. Campaign Planning. Project Management. Data Analysis. Social Media Marketing. Gender Breakdown This data is based on survey responses. Learn more about the gender pay gap.

  1. Brad Parscale, Trump campaign manager: Biden 'looks tired,' doesn't have 'energy' to fight Trump?
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  3. Campaign for President The Managers Look at 84 by Unknown.
  4. Common Health Benefits Medical. Federal Election Commission , which legalized unlimited spending by independent groups working in support of candidates. Bush even delayed formally announcing his candidacy so that he could legally raise super PAC money for as long as possible. Then, in a stunning turnabout, Bush crashed. Enter Trump. This decision also disqualified Trump from receiving any public money, since the law limits the amount of personal wealth candidates may invest in their campaigns. Of course, more than any candidate in American history, Trump is benefiting from an avalanche of unpaid news coverage spawned by his unceasing incendiary commentary.

    Clinton, meanwhile, has made no apologies for her formidable fundraising juggernaut or for spending heavily in early states. And you know what? We got 3. Small donations from many contributors—bringing in steady revenue and encouraging wide participation—offer an alternative to big-money donors. Lessig himself, of course, briefly ran for president on a platform of campaign-finance reform, and he said he also advised Sanders to hone in on the issue. Lessig dropped out of the presidential race in November before qualifying with the FEC.

    Although he supports presidential public financing in principle, he really favors a more systemic reform to address special-interest influence, particularly in Congress. On Capitol Hill, Representative David Price believes presidential public financing should be salvaged. The state-by-state spending restrictions would be lifted.

    His principal opponent is Representative Tom Cole, a conservative who wants the law repealed and the unspent funds plowed back into the Treasury.

    Average Campaign Manager Salary

    And in this case, it is money that literally ought to just go for deficit reduction or redirect it for some other purpose. It is doing absolutely nothing. Nobody that has a remote chance of becoming president is using it. Reformers like Wertheimer say they have been fighting for years to keep the Republicans from repealing the system. Even with fixes, though, more clarity is needed from the U. Supreme Court. Calls have mounted for the Court to reconsider Citizens United , but other decisions have added to confusion over how to move forward.

    But given her history with the commission—last year, she publicly blasted the FEC for its ineffectiveness—Ravel has little hope that members would agree on a path forward, let alone accept her suggestions. In theory, additional primary claims for public funding could still trickle in.

    This article is adapted from Marilyn W.

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    Schultz could appeal to fiscally conservative but socially liberal voters. Controversies: Schultz has never been elected to public office. One Starbucks executive received so much negative feedback about the initiative that he temporarily deleted his Twitter account to get away from it. Schultz himself has said he dreams big — sometimes, too big. Former Rep. Perhaps that is why he announced his campaign so early — July of , early — to get ahead of better known Democratic competitors.

    Greta Thunberg Is Officially Better at Twitter Than Trump

    He also launched two companies that were traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Rationale: Delaney spent the better part of visiting crucial electoral states.

    Kevin Bradley ’84 – Soar - The Campaign For Montclair State University

    Honesty is the best policy, Delaney told Politico. Controversies: Even though Delaney had visited Iowa more than 10 times in the last year, only about half of the likely Democratic caucus-goers knew who he was, Politico reported. Further, his views are more moderate than some of the other likely Democratic contenders. That could come to hurt him as Democrats continue to prioritize progressive goals. Rationale: The year-old is trying to position himself as a leader who can help bridge the partisan divide.

    In Montana, Bullock was able to garner Republican support for progressive policies like expanding Medicaid. I will take on the big corporations. Rationale: The year-old Democrat thinks he can help poor and middle class Americans like he helped poor and middle class New Yorkers. Former Pennsylvania congressman Joe Sestak announced he was running for president in late June. Qualifications: Sestak attended the U. Naval Academy and served in the Navy for more than three decades, retiring as a three-star admiral. He was elected to the U.

    House in and served two terms.

    An Inside Look at Covering a Presidential Campaign...

    He expressed that these experiences would make him an effective president. Controversies: In , Sestak ran for an open Senate seat in Pennsylvania. He won the primary but lost in the general election. He ran again in , but lost the primary. He faces more than 20 other candidates for the Democratic nomination. Sestak says he entered the race later than his Democrats opponents because he wanted to spend time with his daughter, who was battling brain cancer. He will not participate in the first round of Democratic debates. Former Massachusetts Gov.

    He announced he was running for president via video message in April. He attended Harvard for both his undergraduate degree and law degree. Rationale: A former Libertarian candidate, Weld thinks he can attract Republicans who hold more progressive social beliefs, like being pro-marijuana legalization and pro-choice. Still a Republican, he prioritizes cutting taxes and lowering government spending. Democratic mayor of Miramar, Florida Wayne Messam and author Marianne Williamson have also announced their intentions to seek the Democratic nomination in These candidates have dropped out after announcing formal campaigns, exploratory committees or national tours.

    Boy, did it feel good to say that. Before his election to the House, he was a local prosecutor and served on a city council in California. Rationale: Like many fellow Democrats who have entered the race, Swalwell is relatively unknown on a national scale, but he thinks he can get the country to focus on things like gun control.