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Chorus 1. C. I believe in God our. Dm. Father. F. I believe in Christ the. G. Son. A m. I believe in the Holy Spirit. F. Our God is three in One. C. I believe in the resur.
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We had one red light, one Sheetz, one grocery store and a few banks. There were butterflies of excitement in my stomach as I found a window seat near the back of the German train car. I settled in and double-checked that my written itinerary was still in my pocket. The train began to leave the station. Once the pure rush of adrenaline wore off, a feeling of complete shock hit me. My dream had always been to play basketball in college. But during my junior year of high school, I got a severe concussion.

In the months that followed, I went through concussion therapy, different drugs and steroids, and seven different doctors. By August 21, , I was progressing well in therapy—so well that I was going to be cleared that day.

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I was in the car with my sister on my way to my very last appointment. I was ecstatic. When I was a sophomore in college, I realized I wanted to be a nurse in the military. I had just gotten back from a medical clinic in Honduras and felt inspired—I wanted to travel and help others while doing it. Add a half-pound of sugar, the juice of 8 lemons and the zest of half of a lemon. Pour the water from one jug into the other several times. Strain through a clean napkin. To most, the drink brings back childhood memories of hot summer days, family cookouts and catching a breeze outside. The lemonade that has been quenching my thirst as a Black woman in the U.

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I believe in fat. This is me speaking, not my eating disorder convincing me that my body is a worthless, loathsome shell. Growing up in Penns Valley, I became accustomed to a community that shared the fruits of its labor. Fresh produce was abundant due to the many farmers in the area, and neighbors shared recipes and baked dishes for friends in need. I play the piano. I remember her sitting next to 6-year-old me, sharing the same bench, the same music, as I progressed from playing single notes to mini-recitals.

There was just traveling across the ocean through the eyes of an explorer and feeling page-long names of sea creatures swim past my fingertips. A whole bunch of things in that book were made up, but I loved it. There are many things that define my life: my love of swimming and theatre, my desire to be with my friends at all times, my inclination to stay up late to finish a good book.

My late nights, paired with early-morning workout sessions, mean I drink a lot of coffee, because I believe in waking up.

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I believe teaching is the best profession in the whole world. I am myself a high school German teacher and have been so for more than twenty years. My paternal grandmother, Helen, was a frugal and reserved woman with dyed-red curly hair. She always wore a s-style house coat, even into the s. We visited occasionally and I played with a few antique toys in the sunroom while the grown-ups talked in the den.

She passed away that spring, almost a year after her husband. I was born in Colombia, a country where books were luxury items, public libraries were few and bookworms were considered arrogant. I grew up being shuffled from aunt to aunt and town to town while my mother was in the U. I had discovered my passion for photography there, and I was on a mission to photograph the roving gangs of chipmunks devouring the decorative pumpkins and gourds the Arboretum puts out at this time of year.

Suddenly, a stranger approached me. Go away. What do you want? A gut, automatic reaction.

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Everyone has a hobby — a thing they do for fun to get away from work and the general grind of everyday life. I believe in baking five-grain rye bread with cracked rye berries, naturally leavened with sourdough and baked on a hot stone. Taking baths in the dark with candlelight.

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Canning dill green beans and pickling beets. Listen Live. Hosted by Emily Reddy. Emily Reddy.

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Submit your essay. I cry every day. My tears are tears of anguish but also tears of the most intense joy. Curt Chandler. Everyone is busy. Social commitments. Yard work. Laura Beebe. I believe in the kindness of people. Many people have been kind to me here in State College over the past three months. Fortunately, I did that because of the kindness people offered to me.

I believe in high heels.

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I believe in bravery, not perfection. I believe in storytelling and bringing attention to those who live outside the limelight. If the problem continues, please contact customer support. Your Accompaniment Track will not include background vocals because the original recording does not have them.

See More. I Intro. It Interlude. V1 Verse 1. C Chorus. V2 Verse 2. Vp Vamp.

B Bridge. Tg Tag.

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Bd Breakdown. E Ending. Tag For I believe in the name of Jesus. This I Believe Shane and Shane. Please contact the administrator of your account to gain access to RehearsalMix.