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Linda Nutt (), The Lives of Foster Carers: Private Sacrifices, Public Restrictions. London: Routledge. £, pp. , pbk. - Volume 37 Issue 3 - GILL.
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Providing comfort measures for the physical symptoms may help put those terrors back to rest.

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For example, a long time patient, Mr. R, who as a young soldier had been hospitalized for 18 months after a near-fatal chest wound, began having nightmares and flashbacks of his buddy bleeding to death in his arms on a battlefield the same battle where he himself was also critically wounded. The emergence of these troubling symptoms correlated with his increasing physical pain and shortness of breath as his body aged and he developed kyphosis.

So those were the symptoms we treated to ease his PTSD: the gero-psychiatry clinic helped get this man a hospital bed, and coordinated with his primary care doctor to get him lidocaine ointment to put over the area of his scar.

Once he could sleep without pain, the nightmares and flashbacks abated. Based on my clinical work with veterans, most returning veterans kept and continue to keep their war experiences to themselves. Even we, their therapists and doctors, may never know what they truly experienced.

It corrupts nearly everyone. To be greeted by an indifferent public, by people who would rather not examine, in the end, their own darkness, makes the effort Herculean. After each war some struggle to tell us how the ego and vanity of commanders leads to the waste of lives and needless death, how they too became tainted, but the witnesses are soon ignored. It is not a pleasant message. They did not want young men to have to go through what they had endured. Images of the new war on television brought them in to the clinic with their own terrible memories.

Combat is the ultimate double bind, kill or be killed. Hedges posits:. It can give us purpose, meaning, a reason for living.

The Lives of Foster Carers Private Sacrifices, Public Restrictions

Only when we are in the midst of conflict does the shallowness and vapidness of much of our lives become apparent…And war is an enticing elixir. It gives us resolve, a cause. Soldiers may have acted counter to their core values during their military service, actions which may later come back to haunt them:. But the images of war handed to us, even when they are graphic, leave out the one essential element of war—fear.

Human beings become objects, objects to extinguish or to provide carnal gratification. The widespread and frenetic sex in wartime often crosses the line into perversion and violence. It exposes the moral void.

When life becomes worth nothing, when one is not sure of survival, when a society is ruled by fear, there often seems only death or fleeting, carnal pleasure. Working with veterans makes us confront our feelings about War, and our feelings about those who chose to go to war.

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The Luncheon was a great success. Association House is more accountable to foster parents as a group resulting in better relations and improved quality of care for our children.

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In addition, Child Record Folders will be distributed to each foster parent by June 21, These folders will ensure Rights 8 is closely followed. Satisfaction Surveys are distributed quarterly.

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Return rates have greatly improved due to workers distributing surveys during home visits, monthly trainings and during celebration events. Improved attendance is attributed to the recent development of an annual training calendar, which was a shared collaboration between the agency and foster parents. In addition, we provide a Spanish translator, meal and child care during our monthly trainings.

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