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The True Deceiver (New York Review Books (Paperback)) and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. The True Deceiver (New York Review Books (Paperback)) Paperback – December 8, Deception—the lies we tell ourselves and the lies we tell others—is the subject.
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What personal insights do they gain as the story develops? Where is the balance of power in the relationship between the two women? How does this change during the course of the story and how does it affect their relationship? Katri and Anna debate whether there is any such thing as kindness or whether all generosity is ultimately self-serving.

The True Deceiver

Who was the more convincing? What do you think his motives were? On its publication in it received very positive critical acclaim, and has continued to do so. From some of the early reviews:. The house, the landscape, the cold and the loneliness haunt in the reading and afterwards; their atmosphere and chill linger to intrigue, puzzle and terrify.

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Katri is completely trustworthy, in part because she acts without self-interest, and always lays all her cards on the table. For her there is no reason why everything shouldn't be completely transparent. It is only when she acts out of self-interest, and practises some deception of her own, that her worldview is upset. In fact she acts for Mats, the only person she really cares about.

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The most prominent local is the artist Anna Aemelin. A kindly older woman, she is obsessed with a single thing: the woods, the forest floor.

Anna Aemelin could render the ground in a forest so faithfully and in such minute detail that she missed not the tiniest needle. Her watercolours were small and implacably naturalistic, and they were as pretty as the springy blanket of mosses and delicate plants that a person walking across in a dense forest but seldom really observes. Anna Aemelin made people see. They saw and recalled the essence of the forest, and, for a moment, experienced a vague yearning that felt pleasant and hopeful.

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It was a shame that Anna spoiled her picture by putting rabbits in them, that is to say, Mama, Papa and Baby Bunny. Moreover, the fact that she drew little flowers on the rabbits dispelled much of the deep-forest mystique. Anna's pictures are used to illustrate children's books, and she's done very well with them -- but the contrast of the forest-floor scenes and the beflowered rabbits is striking: she consistently refuses to present true-to-life pictures, offering instead her own kind of deception.

When the book opens it is deepest winter, everything buried under snow and frozen over. Anna is in a state of artistic hibernation, waiting until the ground is free again before turning back to her painting.

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And Katri has a plan, wanting to insinuate herself -- and Mats -- into the old woman's life and house , and take some advantage of her. Mats dreams of a boat, and Katri wants to raise the funds to make his dream possible.

The dance between the two women begins slowly -- though it is Anna who is the more forthright in admitting to Katri: I've never met anyone so terribly -- and I use the word in the sense of frightening -- so terribly honest. The Dangerous Journey Villain in the Moominhouse. Categories : novels 20th-century Finnish novels Swedish-language novels. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Svenska Edit links.